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Our team and you agree on the best strategy to adapt for maximum results in a given time. This plan will make it possible to design a tailor-made communication strategy, adapted to your objectives and your target market. From market and target research, to defining your positioning, including the means and platforms used. We ask and think before marketing your business. Reach a new market? What is the best way for you, where are you? Who are your competitors? What do they offer? we make sure that our work will have an impact.

Our motto in strategy:

Brains before budget

Web design and UI/UX

Design, redesign and development of fully seo optimized website according to your will and your budget. Our team includes worldwide designers and developers/coders who will be able to highlight you and transcribe the image you want to create and the way you want (figma, adobe xd/html css/webflow, wordpress etc…), mobile or application nothing is impossible. A good, intuitive website is essential for your visibility, credibility and success. that you offer an ecommerce or not, your website is essential to converting your leads.

SEO/SEM/PPC, social media and digital marketing:

We are experts; EXPERTS in the maritime world on the internet, we know exactly how to increase your visibility, who to target and how to do it for the Least effort. The maritime industry has this particularity that it has a very weak online presence compared to other sectors. This drastically reduces your acquisition cost and makes our job easier. We follow the POEM philosophy (paid owned and earned media): A mix of free organic content and paid optimization that combined create a foolproof ecosystem


Establish authority and influence. We offer a full range of branding services for the maritime industry, ranging from brand name creation, logo design, to setting up communication that will stick in people's minds. We ensure that all elements of your brand are consistent and reflect your company values. We are committed to supporting you throughout the process of creating your brand to ensure that you get the results you want.


Maximize your presence at major maritime industry trade shows such as the Monaco Yacht Show, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the many maritime forums. Call on our expertise in organizing marketing events for the marine industry. We help you design bespoke communication strategies for each of these key shows, in order to maximize your impact with your targets and strengthen your brand image. Let us announce your presence at a festival, with special content, videos, photos, promotions. On social media or on your site, we take care of everything!