MMM was born from a realization, despite its global presence, the maritime industry remains largely unknown to the general public. We see ourselves as a true partner of the industry and it’s actors.

Our team of experts aims to provide tailored solutions to the unique needs of the marine industry and keeps abreast of the latest trends, technologies and innovations to ensure effective and efficient efforts. We'll work closely with you to develop a custom marketing plan that fits your business and need.


The maritime industry often struggles with communication, given the remote and global nature of its operations. We help implement more efficient communication strategies, both internally and with customers.

Digital Transformation

The maritime industry has been slower than many others to adopt digital technologies. We help companies transition to digital operations, including automation, data management, and online customer relations.

Environmental Sustainability

With growing pressure from consumers and regulators, maritime businesses need to show commitment to sustainable practices. We could help companies highlight their green initiatives and sustainability efforts, effectively improving their public image.

Safety and Security

The safety of maritime operations is a major concern. Companies need to reassure clients, staff, and regulators that they are following best practices. We help communicate this effectively.

Visibility and Reach

Given the global nature of the industry, maritime businesses often struggle to reach potential customers and partners. We help expand your reach, using online marketing and SEO strategies.

Crisis Management

When things go wrong, such as accidents or environmental disasters, the maritime industry needs to respond quickly and effectively. We help manage these crises, providing rapid response strategies and managing public relations.


Attracting and retaining talent is a big challenge in the maritime industry. We help enhance the company's employer brand and reach out to potential employees through different digital channels.

Reputation Management

Maritime companies are often seen as traditional and conservative. We help you build a more modern, progressive image, appealing to new demographics and markets.

Technology Adoption and Understanding

From AI to IoT, modern technologies can optimize maritime operations. However, many companies struggle to understand and adopt these technologies. We help you play a role in simplifying and promoting these technologies.